Your students will benefit from Cary Trivanovich's follow-up classroom visits. 

Whether about bullying, treating each other with kindness, or a combination of both, students will gain a deeper understanding of what they can do to stop bullying, or to be a champion for kindness among their peers.

Mr. Trivanovich's Classroom Visits are formatted as an informal Q&A session, although planned instruction is weaved into his answers.  That instruction is about how to handle specific bullying scenarios, the importance of being firm but showing kindness during those times, and how to restrain a bullies' feeling of power.  All class visits are of course tailored to the age, and humor is included to add enjoyment to the visit.


These After-Assembly Discussions are effective as short 20-30 minute visits to accommodate several classes for one afternoon, or longer hour-long visits spread over more days.


Arrange these classroom visits following the assembly, on subsequent days, or stand-alone visits without assemblies.  Inquire about booking one, two or several days for this beneficial and rewarding experience.