K-12 SCHOOL ASSEMBLIES  by Cary Trivanovich

"Cary Trivanovich has the unique ability to engage and entertain students of all ages in a way that must be seen to be believed.  His heartfelt message connects with them and is exactly what they need to hear while navigating social challenges of school"
Matt Calabria, Campus Director, Fairmont Private Schools (K-8), Anaheim, California
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Description of Assemblies

A Performance that Earns the Right to be Heard, and a Message to Instill Kindness


Cary Trivanovich begins his assembly with his renowned, age-appropriate comedy/pantomime performance which earns him pin-drop respect, setting the stage for his substantial message.

Cary's performance, hailed by Los Angeles theatre critics as "prodigious" and "perfect cartoons," engages kids like a favorite movie. Thanks to online video, you can get a glimpse of this one-of-a-kind performance in the demo above, enjoyed by millions of kids and teens throughout America and around the world.



Choose Kindness over Bullying

Spoken appropriately to each age level - whether to primary, upper elementary, middle or high school - this message includes:

  • Exposing why kids bully, which is a crucial foundation for all to understand

  • Empathizing with hurting students and giving them helpful advice

  • Explaining the importance and rewards of reporting bullying

  • Challenging students to take a stand against cyber-bullying (For middle and high schools)

  • Inspiring selflessness, respect and kindness toward others through his culminating Three Chairs discourse

How to Be a Friend Magnet (Peer Relationships)

This message is a variation of Cary's Choose Kindness over Bullying message, but without the emphasis on bullying.  The video above will serve as a good representation of what the assembly is like.  Cary’s engaging Three-Chairs discourse is the highlight, contrasting a self-centered mindset with a selfless one.  The objective of this message is to inspire the qualities of a “friend magnet,” namely selflessness shown in kindness and respect for others.

Nothing but the Best (For Reward Entertainment)

Unlike the other two assembly programs which are more message than performance, this assembly is mostly performance with a short message to congratulate and reiterate the rewards of excellence.

Easy to Book.  Easy to Schedule.

Mr. Trivanovich will personally correspond with you.   He creates tours extensively throughout his home state of California and throughout the United States, making him affordable and accessible everywhere every month.


Prices for assemblies are inclusive - they include all travel; flight, car, lodging, meals, etc. - and vary from area to area, depending on location, date, type of presentations, etc.  Please inquire about prices for your school.


No Extra Charge for two or three consecutive-hour assemblies at a given school building to accommodate lack of space or separate assemblies for lower and upper grades.


Multiple-School Discounts are offered for schools booking together for the same or consecutive days.

Include Optional After-Assembly Class Discussions

Follow-up Mr. Trivanovich's assembly program with classroom visits throughout your school after the assembly.  More about this...