Online Checkup to Access Mental Health and Identify Hurting Kids

One in five children have a mental health issue that if addressed, maybe the most important factor in helping kids who are hurting. Schools can now offer an 8-12 minute online checkup to access mental health and identify these hurting kids. 

Available for school or district-wide screening.

Heads up Checkup Symptom Checker            Well Street 

About three and half years ago, Champions for Kindness' Dr. Martin Eaton (Well Street) was encouraged by our local chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics to develop a comprehensive mental health symptom checker. The goal was to create something that could easily be used by parents and children and would identify those with symptoms of emotional or behavioral health disorders.


Over half a million dollars of personal investment later, Dr. Eaton and Well Street have a screening tool called Heads Up Checkup that takes about 8-12 minutes to complete online. The tool is available to individuals or can be set up for schools to assess groups of students simultaneously.


We know from past research that within the profiles of active shooters, up to 75% have an easily identifiable mental illness. The other 25% often have mental illness that is emerging.


Schools and school districts are now expressing a strong desire to have their entire student population complete Heads Up Checkup so they can identify those who are hurting and reach out to them proactively.

We at Champions for Kindness believe that early identification and treatment of those with mental health issues might be the most affordable and most impactful intervention of any available and one that benefits both those who are capable of grave destruction as well as benefitting the 20% of students today who currently have a mental health issue that goes unnoticed.

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