Whether for school assemblies, teacher in-services, parent/community forums, and/or in-depth classroom discussions, our team is purposed to foster your students' well-being.

K-12 Assemblies


With a substantial message about bullying and kindness in the context of a fun, world-class performance, even with the options of including after-assembly class visits and an evening parent forum, Cary Trivanovich is a sure candidate for your short list of dynamic speakers.

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Teacher In-Service


Mr. Trivanovich's holistic program on bullying for a Teacher In-Service will equip and inspire your staff with the knowledge and solutions for what to do about bullying in your school.  Options for including elements on online safety or awareness of teen depression/suicide are available.

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Classroom/Focused Discussion


Whether for an after-assembly follow-up discussion, in-depth training for bullying prevention/intervention, counseling for bullied kids, or focused awareness for troubled/suicidal teens, we can provide answers for your students in the comfort of their classrooms.

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