The SIGNIFICANCE of Cary Trivanovich


by Robert Manning,

Professional Theatre Director,

and Cary's close friend since high school

Every once and a while, the world gives us a person completely unique and extraordinary.  Someone who, if you were to make a movie about him, there would be no actor who could portray him.  Cary Trivanovich is such a person.


The most significant distinction of Cary Trivanovich would be the performance unique to him, which he shaped while we were students in high school.


When he began performing his pantomime, it was just for fun, yet it became apparent that his performance was unlike anything.  He changed the art of mime from the stereotype into something extraordinary.  Cary's performance was an instant success every time he stepped on stage.  Hollywood theatre critics called him  "a remarkably prodigious talent" and "perfect cartoons."  Humorously, his act was tagged as "a live Don Martin Mad Magazine cartoon" by countless teenagers as the years passed.  Cary's unique pantomime became acclaimed in educational theatre as he taught and directed his art in universities and International Thespian conferences, even for actors at NBC Studios. 


Fred Fate, who was chair of the American Theatre Association Western Region, stated that Cary was "...setting standards of excellence that become a measuring stick to which others strive." 


Cary's unique pantomime was compelling to behold for any audience, even the toughest of audiences: teenagers.  His first national school tour at 19 years of age drew comments from high school administrators such as:


"The best assembly we have had... it ran into lunch by choice of the students,"  "Magnificent! Totally captivated a difficult audience," and "Standing ovation after encore." 


Since then, Cary has captivated and captured the respect of each and every audience he has faced, even high schools - thousands of them - irrespective of their location or behavioral history.  This quick, unprecedented respect has won him the right to be heard everywhere he goes, to speak freely and candidly with a message that would be whole-heartedly accepted. 


This has set my friend Cary Trivanovich apart in the school assembly circuit across America.

Perspectives about Cary through the Years...

When he was a teenager fresh out of high school:

"This kid is dynamite. Boffo...  His audiences are wowed...  The young man is funny, precise, startling. Moreover, he has presence. Real presence... It is a compliment to this city that such a talent blossomed here."
Wayne Lee, Editor of Cary's hometown newspaper, Simi Valley Enterprise

Early in his performing career:

"I have seen him, without the assistance of props, make-up, costumes, or music, totally enrapture an audience for 45 minutes. He has such good control and rapport with his viewers that he can, at a moments notice, elicit the emotions of joy and laughter and in the next moment have them quiet and attentive as he changes the entire mood of his audience..."
Peter D. Peabody, Director of Activities, Moreau High, Hayward, CA

"I have never witnessed our auditorium so mesmerized by anything."
Steven Southard, Director of Activities, Sonora High, Sonora, CA

"Our students are a tough audience to capture. Our staff was amazed at how our usually rowdy audience focused their attention - and became completely silent."
Dan Sullivan, Director of Activities, Millikan High, Long Beach, CA

Half way between his start and now:

"I've never seen the kids so mesmerized..."

Judy Harrison, PTA, Washington Elementary, Pittsburgh, PA

"In the ten years I have been in public education, I have seen at least 50 different assemblies.  Without question your performance was by far the best.  In addition to your talent and professional stage presence, you have a natural charisma that was able to captivate our students and faculty alike..."

​David Bishop, Principal, Pine Middle School, Los Alamitos, CA

"I have not seen a performer hold that large a crowd at that age for that long."

Dennis McReynolds, Activities Director, Cerritos High School, CA

Recent Years:

"I have never seen our members so involved in the Keynote Speaker's presentation before.  The next morning at our Advisor's Breakfast, the advisors gave him another standing ovation in addition to the one all the members gave him at the Opening Session...  If there was a five star scale to rank Keynote Speakers, I would give Cary six stars!"
Lloyd Devault, State Advisor, Florida HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)

"In my 12 years of educational leadership, Cary is the single most impactful speaker/presenter I have ever witnessed. My students kept interrupting his presentation and message to applaud him.  Our kids described his performance as 'Life Changing.'  He is AWESOME!"

Dr. Jim D'Agostino, Principal, Santiago Charter Middle, Orange, CA

"Your talent is amazing. Your message changes lives" 
John McNichols, Past President, California Association of Directors of Activities


“Cary Trivanovich separates himself from the pack of the anti-bullying presenters out there.  He’s the real deal.  Cary is authentically fun, his ability to engage kids with his pantomime is phenomenal, and he inspires student reflection through his message.”

 David Burke, Principal, Culverdale Elementary, Irvine, CA

"Cary Trivanovich has the unique ability to engage and entertain students of all ages in a way that must be seen to be believed.  His heartfelt message connects with them and is exactly what they need to hear while navigating social challenges of school"

Matt Calabria, Campus Director, Fairmont Private Schools (K-8), Anaheim, CA