Cary is available for online/virtual classroom discussions on Bullying via ZOOM for K-12 teachers. 

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After a significant career of inspiring millions of K-12 students from the stage, Cary Trivanovich is now available via online/virtual counseling from his home. Purposed to cultivate resilience in the face of bullying, Cary offers sound counsel and advice for your kids. 


Cary is unique in that he is more than a speaker and counselor about bullying - He is a world-class entertainer, having performed his "you-gotta-see-it-to-believe-it pantomimes" in theatres, cruise ships, conferences and on television around the world.  Your kids' online experience with Cary will begin fun, as he performs some of his show for them.  This opening performance experience will establish rapport between your class and Cary, so that your students will tune-in to him as a trusted friend. 

Cary's performance and counseling are both tailored to any age group, whether younger or older elementary, middle or high school.

Contact Cary directly to discuss the possibilities for your ZOOM classroom experience.